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Corpse de ballet

Corpse de ballet

Places this image in context of proving one’s worth at audition with an impossibly audacious feat that’s likely to result in suicide, the number of angels qualified to dance on the head of a pin, and whether Lucifer’s fall was the consequence of the damnable sin of pride or simple self-confidence. It’s a profoundly provocative photograph that leads to a wealth of striking ideas.

Snow and Ballgowns


I’ve had this Ballgown for over 4 years and I had made all of the paper roses ready, just been waiting for the snow so I could get the photo that I wanted. So when the snow finally arrived we did not waste anytime in going to take some photos.

It was freezing cold but I were mostly covered apart from my shoulders. I think Kev got colder than me because he was lying down in the snow to get some low angles!

Prints are available on Redbubble