Ballet concept

To get the reflections we had to create an indoor shallow pool in our studio! We did two different shoots for the concept, with similar poses for each style of ballet shoe. We also wanted to create a ripple going through the photo to make it a more dream like quality, which is not so simple when there’s only two of us and I’m standing on one leg.

The whole concept of the photo is that we are who we are, we all have more than one side to our personality. This is our essence , our being, the reality, even if we may see it as an illusion.

The final result is with the two images merged together to give the concept form.

Illusion II

Here’s a few more ballet concept photos.

Split personality

Dipping your toe into another reality… Testing the waters.

Corpse de Ballet

Places this image in context of proving one’s worth at audition with an impossibly audacious feat that’s likely to result in suicide, the number of angels qualified to dance on the head of a pin, and whether Lucifer’s fall was the consequence of the damnable sin of pride or simple self-confidence.


The ribbon represents the path that the ballerina has taken, with her steps and pirouettes. . .