Nature · 31 March 2022

Magnolia Moonrise Photo

I accidentally woke up too early, the clocks had changed, my smartwatch had not!

I was now awake though and peering out of the window at the glow of the morning light, I could see a beautiful crescent moon over the Magnolia tree.

I decided to get my camera to go and take some photos, I grabbed my hoodie on the way down the stairs, on the way out the back door I also grabbed my woolly hat. It was so lovely warm and snuggly!

Outside the light was just so amazing, I started taking some photos of the crescent moon over the top of the Magnolia tree. I didn’t really have the correct lens for this, just my 50mm prime lens, but it is really good in low light situations. I think I got some OK photos of the Moon. Then I started taking some photos of the Sun rising behind the Magnolia. The petals were so beautiful in the glowing light of the dawn.