The wreck of the Helvetia

Wreck of the Helvetia, Rhossili Bay, Gower peninsula. Really worth a visit, it’s a bit of a steep walk but it’s worth it when you get there! We went at the beginning of February so pretty much had the place to ourselves. I made this animation as we had the camera on a tripod! The light changes quite dramatically from the beginning until the end. The sky was really dark when we arrived but then after a while got a lot brighter. Should have stayed til sunset, Doh!

Winter frost

frosted mushroom3

Frosted mushroom

We woke up to the first hard winter frost this morning.

So happy that I went outside early this morning because if I hadn’t I would have missed this beautiful frosted mushroom!

So I grabbed my camera and some macro lenses and went to take photos of it, it was absolutely freezing and I did have to lie down to get the angle I wanted. Luckily I was by the backdoor so I stole the doormat to lie on!